Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gingy's Year in Music, 2015!

This is only the first entry in what will be many about my year in music. After being spoiled last year by many spectacular alums (Nothing More, Starset, In This Moment, Poets of The Fall, etc), this year was a down year overall. However, that doesn't mean there weren't albums that caught my attention, or songs that I really enjoyed. Today's entry will cover one song apiece on 20 albums that didn't make the cut for my final Top 20... In backwards order from my least favorite to my favorite song.

Those that aren't interested in my music or my music addiction, turn back now (why are you even here?)

#20 "Breaking The Silence", off 'Dark Before Dawn' - Breaking Benjamin

I'll go ahead at give this album some recognition. It's not a bad album by any means, but, dammit, even with an entirely new cast in the group, the album sounds exactly like every other album this band has ever released.

#19 "Pretty Little Thing", off 'Nerve Endings' - Too Close To Touch

A decent song from a band in the vein of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, worth listening to and certainly catchy.

#18 "Insomnia", off 'Skydancer' - In Hearts Wake

#17 "From Birth To Burial", off 'From Birth to Burial' - 10 Years

#16 "Heavy Heart", off 'Juggernaut Alpha' - Periphery

A very good song off a very unique and incredibly progressive double album containing a few other great songs. Almost saw these guys in concert twice this year. Would suggest this album if you've the time to properly digest it.

#15 "Self/Less", off 'ASD' - A Skylit Drive

There's actually a couple very good songs here; "Falling Apart In A (Crow)ded Room" and "Bring Me A War" are definitely worth checking out along with this song

#14 "Beautiful Now", off 'True Colors' - Zedd

#13 "Not Over Til We Say So", off 'The Devil' - Blue Stahli

One of the better electronic albums released this year, " You'll Get What's Coming" is also a spectacular song. The whole album is a fantastic blend of electronica and metal elements.

#12 "For You", off 'The Order of Things' - All That Remains

While I'm left here wondering what happened to the ATR of old (Two Weeks, This Calling, etc), I have to give them credit for putting together this amazing song, truly great.

 #11 "Baby (T.U.M.H.)", off 'Crystals' - Eskimo Callboy

Definitely... unique. Just, listen, that's all I can say.

#10 "Didn't I Get The Message?", off 'Perfect Enemy' - Tilian

#9 "The Red and The Black", off 'Book of Souls" - Iron Maiden

An amazing, incredibly long, and grand album by the kings of rock and roll, I'll admit to not having had the time to properly digest this behemoth of an album, but I can tell this much... Iron Maiden has still got it. 
#8 "Shameless", off 'Beauty Behind The Madness' - The Weekend

If you know me, the fact that this album is even something I listened to this year should be a surprise. Honestly, there are about three other songs off this album that I could put here, and I'll also be honest in saying that I'm glad I gave the album a chance, it is a good listen. "The Hills" and "In The Night" are also fantastic songs...and of course "Can't Feel My Face", but everyone knows that song so putting it here is pointless.

#7 "Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)", off 'Haven' - Kamelot

A spectacular song off an otherwise strong album, it features the lead singer from Arch Enemy and is very well done. Also worth mentioning from this album is the song "Under Grey Skies".

#6 "Breaking Me Down", off 'Hate Me' - Escape The Fate

Featuring a few of my absolute lyrics of the year (if not ever), this a truly special song off an otherwise down album for an artist that landed at #10 with their last album in my 2013 countdown. "Just A Memory" is the only song on this album that truly sounds like it belongs on an Escape The Fate record. That said, this song is absolutely amazing. Seriously go listen to it.

 #5 "Irresistable", off 'American Beauty/American Psycho' - Fall Out Boy

#4 "Wolves and Doors", off 'Five Crooked Lines' - Finger Eleven

Arguably the best song ever released by Finger Eleven, I had the privilege of seeing this when it was performed live for one of the first times ever in Portland, Maine. The entire album is good, and almost made my Top 20.

#3 "Looking Down From The Edge", off 'To Those Left Behind' - blessthefall

The absolute best song not including Maria Brink on this list, I'd highly suggest that you go and listen to this album. I really wish the rest of this album was as amazing as this song.

#2 "Gravity", off 'F.E.A.R.' - Papa Roach, featuring Maria Brink

Released waaaaay back in early February, and featuring one of my all-time favorite singers on guest duties, this song is spectacular. Another mediocre album, but this song almost makes up for it.

#1 "Criminal Conversations", off 'The Awakening' - P.O.D., featuring Maria Brink

Not only the number one song on this list, but arguably one of the very best songs released all year long. All I can say is go listen to it. It's highly accessible, and one of the best tracks of the year.

Up next... Albums #20-17(maybe eventually?)

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