Sunday, December 21, 2014

Album #10; 'Love. Death. Immortality.' - The Glitch Mob

Joining our list at #10 this year is 'Love Death Immortality' by The Glitch Mob; the only electronic album to make my final Top 20. Released in February of this year, 'LDI' is The Glitch Mob's second album release, and debuted at #13 on the Billboard 200, selling 40,000 copies as of July of this year. It's garnered rave reviews, from critics, myself, and friends.

I'll admit, I'm not as easily impressed with electronic albums as I am rock and metal albums, and that's why the fact that 'LDI' has stuck at #10 on the final list even though it came out in the second month of the year is even more of an accomplishment. Honestly, however, there isn't another album released this year that pumps me up as much when I listen to it as this album does.

'Mind of a Beast' is an incredibly killer opening song, and the amazing tracks don't stop there; 'Skullclub', 'Carry The Sun', and 'Skytoucher' are fantastic songs that get me up and moving with ease. Most of the other songs feature guest singers, and are great compliments to the album; 'Fly By Night Only' is a wonderful example of this. However, the best track on the album, and another track that competes for Top 10 songs of the year is 'Our Demons', which features Aja Volkman, the lead singer of a small band called Nico Vega. It's an incredible song, and you should really listen.

Tracklist (favorites in orange, shocking, right?):

Mind of a Beast - 4:17
Our Demons - 5:16
Skullclub - 5:48
Becoming Harmonious - 4:40
Can't Kill Us - 4:55
I Need My Memory Back - 5:48
Skytoucher - 6:08
Fly By Night Only - 4:47
Carry the Sun - 4:56
Beauty of the Unhidden Heart - 4:30

Onto #9! Single digits now! This is where it gets rough...

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