Saturday, December 20, 2014

Album #11 'The Turn' - Live

Coming into the countdown at #11 is one of my most anticipated releases of the year; 'The Turn' by Live. Live hadn't released an album since 2006, and has gone through a nasty 'hiatus' and break up with former singer, Ed since then. Given the incredible lasting effect their old releases have had on me, I was hesitant but hopeful for this release when it was announced. Officially released on October 28th, the album debuted at #133 on the Billboard 200, but has been meant with warm reviews, most of them praising the return to Live's old sounds, and how seamlessly new singer Chris Shinn is integrated into the album.

While this album didn't blow me away, it's definitely a solid release and wonderful beginning for the band with the new singer. Featuring the usual soaring guitar sounds and heartfelt spiritual lyrics, this album is a step forward, while still acknowledging where the band came from. While Chris isn't Ed (who's voice is almost unrivaled in my opinion), he does a great job making the music his own and has a wonderful range himself. I look forward to future releases featuring Chris, as I think there is a fair amount of untapped potential and they've only scratched the surface with this release. The best tracks are 'Siren's Call', 'Natural Born Killers', and 'The Way Around Is Through', the last being the most catchy and most like the Live of old.

Traclist (favorites, as always, are in orange):

Siren's Call - 4:11
Don't Run To Wait - 3:47
Natural Born Killers - 4:37
6310 Rodgerton Dr. - 4:09
By Design - 4:21
The Way Around Is Through - 4:52
Need Tonight - 4:12
The Strength To Hold On - 5:32
We Open The Door - 4:53
He Could Teach The Devil Tricks - 4:10
Till You Came Around - 4:42

Up next, #10! 

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