Monday, December 8, 2014

Album #18; 'Metaphor' - Cyrenic

Coming into the list at #18 this year is 'Metaphor' by Cyrenic. And incredibly unknown band, this is the second year in a row they've released an album (last year was 'Selective Memory', which in itself was great), and it's the second year in a row I've been touched by the music they've written.

Seeming to be masters of a certain craft, every single song on this album has a wonderfully soft, heartfelt rock sound. Similar to last year, the ballads on the album standout to me; 'Your Move' is a hauntingly beautiful song of desire, while 'Slow Emotion' is a heart gripping song of loss. The title track is actually two tracks with 'Angel' and 'Devil' versions, and the subtle differences are fantastic.

A very solid release that tugs at me emotionally; though I hesitate to say it's better than 'Selective Memory' from last year.

Tracklist (favorites are in orange):

Constant Change - 4:53
Die Another Day - 3:19
Metaphor (Devil) - 4:16
Tightrope - 4:02
Bite the Hands That Bleed - 4:34
Focus - 3:59
Current - 3:20
Resuscitate - 3:48
Afterlife - 4:05
Your Move - 5:21
Slow Emotion - 5:03
One Bird, Two Stones - 4:03
Autumn - 4:37
Metaphor (Angel) - 4:21

And that concludes #18; don't turn into Savages waiting for #17.

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