Friday, December 19, 2014

Album #12; 'Reincarnate' - Motionless in White

Coming into the countdown at #12 is 'Reincarnate' by Motionless in White; yet another new band I discovered this year, and only through a certain song, 'Contemptress'. MiW has evolved in every single one of their releases, and this one is a wonderful choice of direction.

Featuring some really hard shredding guitars and pummeling drums, the lead singers screams are gorgeously backed up in every single song. 'Death March' is a great anthem song to kick off the album, and 'Reincarnate' is arguably one of the best hard rock songs of the year; 'Break The Cycle', 'Unstoppable', and 'Carry The Torch' are also incredible in your face tracks. Near the back half of the album, MiW seems to deviate from the norm of the rest of the album and go for more of an electro-rock sound, with songs like 'Wasp', and 'Final Dictvm', and while both are pretty solid songs, they take away form the overall power this album has throughout the first half.

'Contemptress' is far and beyond the best song on this album; featuring Maria Brink from In This Moment on vocals, it is an absolutely killer song that is easily in my Top 10 on the year. Give it a listen, trust me, they kill it on this track.

Tracklist (favorites in orange, still, even 4 days later):

Death March - 4:43
Reincarnate - 3:40
Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale) - 4:16
Unstoppable - 3:28
Everybody Sells Cocaine - 3:55
Contemptress - 4:03
Break The Cycle - 4:03
Generation Lost - 2:59
Dark Passenger - 3:49
Wasp - 7:02
Dead as F**k - 2:57
Final Dictvm - 5:06
Carry The Torch - 5:57

And onto #11! 

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