Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Album #17; 'Savages' - Theory Of A Deadman

Coming in at #17 this year is 'Savages' by Theory Of A Deadman. One of the more 'mainstream' albums on my Top 20 this year, it's a solid rock album with a couple great highlights. It was initially ranked quite high on my list (top 10 at first), but I grew tired of certain songs and it fell down the list in the past month, so I'd say it doesn't have very much in the way of 'staying power' so to speak.

Highlights of this album include 'Misery of Mankind', 'Salt In The Wound', 'Angel', and 'World War Me'; though 'Blow' and 'Savages' are great songs that poke fun at the current state of the world, and make you really think. 'Salt in the Wound' really stuck with me when I first heard it because of my situation at the time, but as that emotional burn has subsided, my connection with the song has dwindled. That said, 'Angel' has grown on me the more I've listened to it and connects with me more than it used to. 'World War Me' is a great song that says exactly the way my head tends to work.

Initially I connected with this album emotionally, but now that has slightly faded, and by that way, has dropped down my list to #17. Still a very solid album with some great rock anthems and riffs, I'd suggest it as a way to get into current rock music and beyond.

Tracklist (favorites are in orange):

Drown - 3:42
Blow - 3:36
Savages - 3:33
Misery of Mankind - 3:24
Salt In The Wound - 3:38
Angel - 3:22
Heavy - 3:03
Panic Room - 3:14
The One - 3:58
Livin' My Life Like A Country Song - 3:20
World War Me - 3:15
In Ruins - 3:19
The Sun Has Set On Me - 5:21

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