Sunday, December 7, 2014

Album #19; 'Duality' - Set It Off

Slotting in at #19 on this years Top 20 is Set It Off with their album 'Duality'. Another new band I'd never heard of before this year, I'd never actually listened to any of their albums until I saw them two weeks ago with Black Veil Brides in Portland. Having only had a short time to evaluate this album, it is slotted fairly low compared to where it could've been were I given more time to listen to it.

Cody Carson, the lead singer, has an amazing voice, and the album is decidedly positive and upbeat. There isn't a bad song on this album, and when played live, the band really knows how to involve the crowd. I foresee a great future for this band, and wouldn't argue with seeing them live again.

I feel badly not being able to provide more of an opinion than this, but I've not been given a great deal of time to listen. Similar to Karnivool and Trivium last year, it is definitely possible that this album could be slotted higher up upon more listens.

Tracklist (favorites are in orange):

The Haunting - 2:53
N.M.E. - 3:29
Forever Stuck in Our Youth - 3:14
Why Worry - 3:19
Ancient History - 3:13
Bleak December - 3:07
Duality - 4:02
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - 3:08
Tomorrow - 3:36
Bad Guy - 3:09
Miss Mysterious - 4:31

Up Next, #18; be sure to Die Another Day and come read!

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